I've  had an interest in photography since childhood, buying my first rangefinder camera, a Pentax ME Super, with hard earned newspaper delivery money. After high school I found myself maintaining film processing machines (ie., Kodak Versamat) and cameras in the US Air Force. Over the years I have taken images in studios, leaning out of open helicopter doors, and on crime scenes. I was also fortunate enough to be among the first to experience digital photography, shooting with the Nikon D1 as a quasi-photo-journalist and member of US Air Force Combat Camera units. I received some formal photography training while in the Air Force, however I spent the majority of my time managing public relations and base multimedia operations, so I wasn’t able to hone my skills to the degree I would like to have.

I’ve spent the last 15 years, following my retirement from the Air Force in 2004, continuing my recreational photography as a hobby. Making a lot of rookie mistakes, and being frustrated with my results.

However, over the most recent few years, my passion for photography has been re-ignited to a new level. I have invested in my equipment to include the Nikon D750 and Z6, and I have added a 600mm lens to open new horizons in bird and other wildlife photography. While photographing people isn’t my specialty, I have produced a few noteworthy professional head-shots, and senior portraits for family. Location portraiture has taught me how to be prepared with a well-planned and packed backpack and camera bag and to check out equipment before heading out on the landscape outings I enjoy the most.

This planning has recently paid off as I participated in a New England Foliage workshop, where being well outfitted and prepared allowed me to focus on my skills. Some of the results are included on this web site. Keep checking in, as I hope to continue refining my skills and sharing more images of the beautiful State of Vermont and surrounding area, as well as images of my more distant travels.

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